Definitive Guide to Living in Mae Sot, Thailand

My contact in Mae Sot sent an email a few weeks ago that was chock full of great advice about Mae Sot.  So for anyone out there looking for where to eat/have a massage/buy a bike, read on.

I’m sure you will figure everything out when you are there, but just a few thoughts….

For exercise, most nights I went to the free aerobics class at the large gym on the Asia Highway by the Mae Ramat turn-off (next to the tennis courts). They are nightly from ~6-7 pm. All in Thai, but with some patience, you will get all the moves without understanding a word.

There is an indoor badminton court in Mae Sot Villa. You can rent a court for 80 or 100 Baht an hour. They have rackets you can rent for 20B I think.

Common restaurants where expats often go: Casa Mia for burmese curries and western food, Bai Fern for western food, Aiya for Burmese food, night market for Thai food (most people go to the far back restaurant on the right), vegetarian Burmese restaurant near the mosque, Chinese vegetarian restaurant – large room on the left when going toward Mae Sot Villa, Dave’s for North American size breakfasts and dinners and good coffee, Annie’s for shakes, Hazel for upscale coffee, pad thai near the 7-11 on the main road, Hong Long and Tesco for packaged foods, day market/northern market for daily fresh food, Old bus station market on Wednesday and Sunday mornings

I think the best massages are in the back buildings of the Mae Sot Hospital grounds

Sauna in the back of the temple near Tesco

Gym with 10 or so machines on the main road toward MS Villa on the right – 50Baht a visit I think

Gigahertz is where most people go for computer issues, electronics, etc.

Tuk Tuk ride from bus station to Ban Thai is about 30-50 Baht depending on luggage

Lots of banks downtown

Post office near the 7-11 on the main road

email places everywhere for 10-15 Baht per hour

SongTaos are 15-20 Baht for a ride in town

bike rentals are 50 Baht a day and motorbikes 150 Baht – be sure to lock up your bike!

There is a bike shop in the muslim part of town that will allow you to design your own bike from parts of others – 1600B for no gears and 1800 for gears I think

Moei River Market – by the border, for nice furniture, material, carvings, souvenirs,etc.

Lots of furniture stores around town – best prices seem to be at a store on Chitvana road about one block from the traffic light and on the main road going into town at the traffic light

2 thoughts on “Definitive Guide to Living in Mae Sot, Thailand

  1. Hi, I plan on moving to Mae Sot and would require very reliable and fast internet. Could you tell me a bit about the quality of internet there, especially when using things such as video chat (skype, msn) and when using a softphone (phone application on computer)? Do you notice that the quality is always good, or mostly choppy, etc.


    1. Hi I am planning to move to Mae Sot and also require reliable fast Internet. Do you know what the is the monthly cost of a I bedroom, with air condition and Internet? is it easy to find an apartment or a room share when you get there?

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