First 6 weeks of school

Time has flown. The kids are currently on their fall break marking 6 weeks since school began. Nadya is fluently speaking German. Makes mistakes and doesn’t know many words (and their damn genders) still. But she understands everything and speaks so fast I have no idea what she’s saying.  How? Tutor twice a week maybe. Mostly she’s been socializing from day 1. Play dates, drawing, … Continue reading First 6 weeks of school

Summer vacation: heaven and hell

A look at fakebook tells only part of the story of the first 3 weeks of the kids summer vacation.  Here’s the heavenly part of living in gorgeous Munich, so close to Italy and German lakes framed by the Alps: Thanks to dear friends in Italy and my lovely cousin and her boyfriend we had many fun, memorable days in remarkable spots. But then there’s … Continue reading Summer vacation: heaven and hell

World on Fire

Mentally ill teens, disgruntled immigrants, a murderous lover. Tragedies dominate the headlines in a usually violence-free Germany.   Combine what’s happening in Europe and the Middle East with upcoming elections and a racial crisis in the US and the world seems a mess. It seems like people are more violent, like things are more helpless recently. Sadly violence has been a major feature of the … Continue reading World on Fire